Evolis Printers

Designing and manufacturing card printers has been Evolis’ core business for more than 20 years

quality has propelled the company to forefront of on-demand, localized issuance of printed plastic cards. Offering extensive product line that caters to a broad spectrum of needs, ranging from basic to highly specialized requirements.

Evolis Primacy Printer

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Evolis Primacy 2 Printer

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Whe choosing an Evolis printer, It’s crucial to estimate the volume of plastic cards you’ll be printing, whether daily or annually. For those expecting to print a large number of cards, opting for a high-performance printer capable of delivering a greater number of cards per hour than its more economical counterparts can significantly cut down on production time. Take, for instance, our selection of Evolis ID printers. The Badgy 200 model is capable of producing 120-150 cards per hour, whereas the Primacy 2 model ramps up the pace with an output of 240 cards per hour.

Single / Dual-Sided

For simple ID cards that require minimal cardholder information, single-sided printers are your go-to. The Evolis Badgy Card Printer is tailor-made for such needs, offering efficient and clear printing for basic ID requirements. When your ID cards demand more detailed information on both sides, dual-sided printers step up to the challenge, allowing simultaneous printing on the front and back. For such scenarios, we recommend the Primacy 2 Card Printer, which is perfectly suited to handle the task, ensuring all necessary details are captured with precision.


Direct to card printers such as the badgy or primacy provide perfectly adeuqate prints but for those who require superiour quality with high details and crisp, clear fonts, you may want to consider a retranfer printer such as the Evolis Agila. This printer provides outstanding quality with full edge-to-edge prints.