Features: Ntag216 with 924 bytes for rewrite-able and optionally password protected or permanently lockable storage (600%+ the amount of storage as an NFC NTAG216)
• Once Locked the tag cannot be unlocked
• White PVC sticker is water resistant
• NFC Forum Type 2
• Frequency: 13.56MHz
• Operation Temperature: -20°C~+80°C (-4°F~+176°F)
• Storage Temperature: -20°C~+80°C (-4°F~+176°F)
• Will NOT work on metal surface (there are special tags noted as “on-metal” for these applications)
• Easily concealed by being plain white and the smallest size an NTAG216 can be
• Comes in Resealable Bag for storage

• Applications: Store a web address that will take any NFC smartphone right to your website (or Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, etc.)
• Store your Credit Card Issuing Bank’s Contact Number and stick on the back of your Credit Card to easily call them up if you have any issues.
• Automate repetitive tasks on an NFC enabled smartphone. (example: Turn Bluetooth off, turn Ringer off, unlock screen, etc.)


NFC Stickers are NFC Labels with NFC Chip embedded in paper, PET or other materials. Different sizes and shapes available.
• Waterproof & non tear-able NFC tags that work on All NFC phones & tablets (including Galaxy J3).
• Great for NFC based smart actions such as Bike Mode, Phone lock/unlock, toggle multiple settings with 1 tap, launching website / SMS / email / or any app etc.
• NXP NTAG213 chip, 144 bytes memory. Worldwide most popular NFC chip.
• 30 mm tag size. Great scan strength. Sturdy chip-antenna bondage that can withstand outdoor usage.

• Type: Passive RFID
• Frequency: 13.56 MHz
• Memory Size: 144 & 888 bytes
• Usage/Application Access Control, Asset Tracking, Tool Tracking


Access Control and access Tracking Control card with low Frequency ,ISO Contactless tags, Hands Free Access in Parking,Toll Plaza with EPC Global Certified specifications. protocals ISO 18000-6C readers with 512bit user memory and EPC Memory 26 ,Idle for International Operations . UHF cards for long range upto 20feets Plus. personal management access system ISO version format. Eidentity market, bringhing long range communication system. Color printingA full color proccess .

• Type: Passive RFID
• Frequency: 13.56 MHz
• Memory Size: 144 & 888 bytes
• Usage/Application: Access Control, Asset Tracking, Tool Tracking


These metal mount rfid tags are offered in a variety of sizes and forms, making it simple to apply them to any metal product or surface, depending on what is available. Additionally, these tags are offered in hf (high frequency) and uhf (ultra high frequency), making it simple for readers to read these tags. For better reading, tracking, and inventorying as well as a wider read range, use tags calibrated particularly to the materials you need to track.
If you utilise RFID tags on metal surfaces or products, you should use mount on metal RFID tags or metal mount RFID tags since, otherwise, the metal will detune any RFID signals.

• Type: Passive RFID
• Frequency: 865-868 MHz or 902-928 MHz
• Memory Capacity: 512 bits
• Read Range: On Metal-Upto 15 m Off Metal-Upto 8 m


HF-Tags have associated permissions on RFID Tags the values listed with each HF-Tag key are the values over which you have authority. Data lake administrators have access to all HF-tags defined in the local AWS account as well The data lake administrator has access CONTROL Before they can be used, all HF-Tags must be defined in Lake Formation. A HF-Tag is made up of a key and one or more possible values for the key. Only data lake administrators have the ability to create LF-Tags.

• Type: Active RFID
• Frequency: 13.56 MHz
• Usage/Application: Asset Tracking, Access Control, Tool Tracking


Passiverfid keychain is small and exquisite appearance, durable, not easy to fade.the product is waterproof, shockproof, anti corrosion. Can be hunged on a key ring, easy to carry. RFID Keychains can also be widely used in a variety of RFID management applications, including access control, loyalty programmes, and more. The ABS RFID key chain has a secured RFID chip inside that allows for automated check-in or check-out procedures while gathering data in real-time. We offer multiple key fob series to meet the needs of various consumers.

• Type: Active RFID
• Frequency: 13.56 MHz
• Data Transfer 106 kbit/s
• Usage/Application: Access Control