When you need a comprehensive solution for ID Card Design, Cardpresso Ticks all the boxes. This feature rich software covers every aspect of card printing from design to encoding, all managed through a simplictic interface.

CardPresso XS is a basic card design software, designed for small ID card programs that don’t require advanced design and database options. With XS you get:
• Image editing options
• Text editing
• 1D and magnetic stripe encoding
• Batch printing & conditional printing
• XLS, XLSX, CSV & TXT database connections

CardPresso XM, which is the next step up from XS, includes all the features found in XS and more advanced design and database options:
• 2D barcode encoding
• Search (query) records
• OLE Objects & photo on database
• A scrip tab & encoding view

or advanced features,cardPresso XLincludes:
• Fingerprint capture
• User management & reporting options
• Auto printing
• Overlay, UV, and F panel management
• ODBC connection to an external database

• Built-in image editor
• Templates
• Barcodes
• Magnetic Encoding
• Database Management


CardStudio 2brings a new level of simplicity to the design and printing of plastic cards — from simple to sophisticated. Whether you are printing a handful of single-side monochrome cards or thousands of encoded double-side full colour cards with speciality security effects, the well-designed, highly-intuitive interface virtually eliminates the need for technical expertise and training

CardStudio 2.0 Classic: create and print professional-looking photo IDs and other type of card designs with this new, easy-to-use card design and print interface. Includes single DesignStudio application (no database features) and CardStudio 1.X design conversion.
CardStudio 2.0 Standard: all the features of the Classic release, but also includes 1 project file and an unlimited number of designs and data records in an included internal database, Excel and.csv file integration for ID records, 2D bar codes, and advanced print functionality.
CardStudio 2.0 Enterprise: for the more advance used, this version includes full external database connectivity, generic ODBC driver support and can accommodate multiple project files.
CardStudio 2.0 Professional: includes all Enterprise features, as well as full SmartCard integration.

• Intuitive interface
• Advanced Encoding
• Barcodes
• Database Management