From the ever-popular Classic series of contactless cards, we have the NXP Classic MIFARE 1K Card ®. This card operates at 13.56MHZ frequency and contains 1K bytes of read/write memory. Mifare Classic ® cards can be used at a distance of 10cm making them suitable for a number of applications.

Supplied blank, each MIFARE Classic 1K Card contains a genuine NXP / MIFARE ® chip and offer exceptional performance and reliability. Compatible with a wide range of our Plastic Card Printers and our MIFARE card reader

Features Of NFC Smart Card Reader

• Frequency: 13.56Mhz
• Memory: 1K
• Operating Distance: 100mm

The main target applications for MIFARE 1K cards are:

• Public transport payment systems
• Electric toll collection
• Event ticketing
• Loyalty cards
• Car parking
• Access control systems

Mifare Classic 1K NFC Cards

Leading the way in the industry, MIFARE 1k Classic cards were designed for users looking for a versatile technology card. Adhering to ISO/IEC 14443 standards and offering either 1KB or 4KB memory options, these cards remain a great choice for basic needs like ticketing, event access, and public transport payments. The MIFARE Classic 1K EV1 card is the most favored option among users.