A Smart Parking Management System

Our parking management system is an integrated smart parking system that automates end-to-end parking processes.

An End-to-End Parking Management System

Our Smart Parking System is a unique parking management solution. Suitable for all types of parking areas, it digitizes end-to end parking processes including multi-tenant, multi-level parking.

It is integrated with visitor management system, FASTag, and access control hardware. Extremely useful for shared parking spaces, the solution automates day-to-day processes such as auto-identifying appropriate parking slots - be it reserved or pay-and-park, auto-generating parking tickets, levying penalties, and many more.

Top Features of Our Smart Parking System

Customize Spaces

Customize & reserve parking space as per company, staff, pay-&-park, etc.

Slots Per Vehicle Type

Allocate slots as per two-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicles to utilise all available space.

View Live Reports

No more manual checking of empty space. View it on your phone. Also view live reports.

Auto-Generated Passes

QR code-based passes are instantly auto-generated for a visitor.

On-Spot Or Monthly Pay

Parking passes generated can be on pay-&-park or a monthly pay basis. It is FASTag enabled.

Access Control System

Integrate parking passes with access control system - boom barriers, biometrics, etc.

Slots On LED Display

Display empty slot info such as floor and bay on LED screens in the parking bay.

Ensure Periodic Patrolling

Monitor security guards on duty and shift changes in the parking bay area.

Levy Penalty for Violations

Levy instant penalty tickets, if any person or vehicle is found guilty of any time or rule violation.

Most parking spaces, including multi-level car parking buildings, are manually managed. This makes managing multi-tenant, multi-level car parking chaotic - a challenge for parking lot owners and providers.
Our parking management system digitizes the end-to-end management of parking spaces and all parking processes related to vehicles, visitors, & payments.
It eliminates manual monitoring and tracking of vehicles. With VersionX smart parking management system, you can define and customize areas like paid, visitor, staff, tenants, etc.
Allocation of slots becomes easy. Live countdown of occupied versus unoccupied slots, filled versus unfilled slots, etc. can be displayed on a LED screen and on the phone.

Why Our Parking Management System?

Easy to Use

Manage the entire parking area using your handheld device. No training required.


It is based on cloud and mobile technology, and therefore reduces manual errors.


Guards are made more accountable since the system cannot be tampered with.

No Clunky Hardware

The system requires minimal hardware for efficient functioning.


Features can be quickly and easily added or tailored to specific needs.

Live Trends & Reports

Built-in statistical tools help you use the data captured for further decision making.